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In your shopping cart you choose the length in meters and how you would like to pay. You may add or delete positions by using the specific buttons.

If you have made changes in length of your desired fabrics please use the "Update shopping cart" button. The system will recalculate your order then.

Please choose your desired "Method of payment" - PayPal is the one which we prefer.

If the system does not show the correct shipping charges, please change the "Type of dispatch" from DPAG Deutsche Post to Standard GLS or vice versa.

By clicking on the button „Proceed checkout" you will start the buying procedure.


If you are not logged in by now please enter your email adddress and your password into the form.

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Please enter your complete billing address into the form.

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Next time you visit our shop and login with email address and password you won't need to type in your billing and shipping addresses again.

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Delivery address

Please choose the delivery address for this order from the list, if your desired delivery address is not listed please enter a delivery address into the form.

Proceed to the next step by clicking on the button "Ship to this Address"

Order Overview

This is the last step of the buying procedure, an overview of your personal informations and the details of your order will be diplayed.

You may leave us a message regarding your order and may change incorrect data by clicking on the specific "Change" buttons.

Please confirm that you have read our Terms and Conditions and our Return Policy by activating the checkboxes.

Terms and Conditions and Return Policy will appear in a new window by clicking on the textlink.

By clicking on the button "Submit Order" you place a binding order.

The order will be confirmed by an email you will receive afterwards.

PayPal Button

If you choose Paypal as payment method and use the button at the end of checkout,
the page will show German language, to view everything in English,
please change the value of the first dropdown menue: 'Land' (translation is Country) from 'Deutschland' to 'Großbritannien' and wait a second,
the page will reload and is displayed in English now.

If any problems, please drop us an email, we will be happy to help.